Openbay Otis with 2-Way Texting

Openbay Otis with 2-Way Texting

How often do you see live chat on an automotive service website? 

Not many automotive service centers have implemented live chat due to the resources required on manging it during business hours. However, the combination of intelligent / automated chat combined with the option for a website visitor to initiate live chat, provides a level of realtime service to improve customer service and increase conversion rates of website visitors into service revenue. 

Openbay Otis with 2-way texting emulates live chat between a member of your staff and a website visitor. 

Otis 2-way texting allows current and future customers with an easy and convenient way to connect live and direct with a member of a service advisor team or customer service team. The interaction is triggered by a request from a website visitor via the Openbay Otis platform. Otis can serve as a cost-effective customer service solution for automotive service centers. 

Openbay Otis with 2-way texting: 

  • Connects your business instantly with a website visitor. No need for a website visitor to dial a number to either make their way through a menu system or catch a very busy service advisor. 
  • Chat with multiple website visitors at once, don’t let potential customer fall through the cracks
  • Masked numbers for your team’s privacy
  • Respond from a staff member’s mobile phone or the Otis dashboard
  • Round robin assignment for multiple staff members 
  • Website visitors can multi-task if there is any delay in the 2-way text communication starting. 
  • History of the conversation is maintained for future interactions
  • Customer support inquires can be resolved quickly 
  • Unlimited incoming text messages 
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