Convert more website visitors into service revenue, 24/7

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Power your automotive service center website to drive revenue & to satisfy visitor information needs quickly and accurately

Online Service Appointments

Allow customers to easily book service appointments with a few taps. Otis has a built in calendar based on your businesses hours and availability.

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Real-Time Service Estimates

Today, consumers expect businesses to provide pricing information for professional services. From simple services (oil changes) to complex services. Otis can be configured to provide precise estimates or estimates using the phrase, “Starting at….”.

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Instant Tire and Install Pricing

Your website visitors shopping for new tires expect to be able to find tire pricing and availability for their vehicle, quickly and easily.

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2-way Texting

Allow current and future customers to text a member of your staff for real-time communication.

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Chat Banners and Business Benefits Card

Deliver custom and important messages or promotions to website visitors with Banners. Also, showcase the business value to customers getting service.

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Custom Website Triggers

Convert any website button or website link to trigger Otis’ chat window into action to begin communicating with a website visitor.

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How much service revenue is your business missing out on?

Installing intelligent and automated chat on your website increases your service revenue opportunity. Don’t miss out.

Website visitors expect to be able to find the information they’re looking for quickly, easily, personalized to their needs and when they want it – which could be at 10 PM, 3 AM or during business hours.

% consumers engaging your website outside of business hours38%
% increase in conversions of website visitors to customers40%
% of consumers visiting your website via mobile phone67%
% of website visitors expecting near realtime responses90%

Anytime conversations matter

Move an online website visitor into a service bay. Engage with consumers via a 2-way, text-style messenger any time of day.

Convert Website Visitors

Service centers having deployed intelligent and automated chat show a 40% gain in conversion from website visitors into customers. 

Service today’s consumer

Today’s consumer now ‘comparison shops’ online. Website visitors expect easy, fast and personalized information to meet their vehicle service needs.

Mobile friendly

More than 65% of website visitors are using a mobile device. Intelligent chat is the ideal platform for mobile and similar to texting, a platform users are most familiar with.

Personalized connection

Personalized information makes your website visitor feel special. Deliver accurate and personalized answers using intelligent and automated chat.

Easy installation

Intelligent chat installs easily on any website. A single line of code installed by your website provider and you’re up and holding conversations with your website visitors. 

A Service Advisor, Automated

For all your current and future customers visiting your website each day, and for the close to 40% that visit outside of business hours, Openbay Otis engages and responds to their inquires, in realtime. Having a virtual service advisor available and convenient to your website visitor, increases the opportunity to service their vehicle. Instead of expecting that your website is delivering the information your visitors are seeking, Openbay Otis is ready at the drop of a lug nut to deliver answers to their unique questions.

Deep Automotive Service Experience Contributes to Your Success

Openbay Otis was designed specifically for the automotive services industry. Otis is trained by analyzing millions of conversations to identify the patterns that engage and convert current and future customers in need of automotive repair into service revenue. Otis’ artificial intelligent (AI) driven platform answers questions in the best way, and it learns from all of these conversations over time to identify what is and isn’t working in order to contribute to the success of your automotive service center.

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See how Openbay Otis can help grow automotive service and repair revenue

2020-21: Transformation to the Digital Consumer

Now considered natural shopping behavior, consumers have embraced online research prior to selecting a professional to service their vehicle. Consumers have high expectations when seeking answers to questions related to their personal vehicle needs. 

Is your automotive service center ready to meet and deliver on these online expectations at any moment? Having a great website is only the start. 

A blend of intelligent and automated chat along with the latest-in-design website enhances the consumer’s shopping experience and improves the opportunity for converting website visitors into service revenue. 

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What Openbay Otis Customers say

``Otis provides an amazing experience to our website visitors and streamlines the process of directing client needs from start to finish. Our appointments have increased across all four of our locations and is working outside of business hours handling more than 20% of daily inquires.``- Direct Tire & Auto Service
``We've had great success with Otis on our website. We track every single request those attributed to Otis (partial year install) translated to more than $43k in service revenue at an average ticket of $249. Of the customers that came through Otis, 75 were new customers to our business. We would say Otis is most certainly paying for itself.``- Adirondack Tire & Service
``Otis installed on our website has resulted in material growth in the number of service appointments we book and an increase in customers representing the millennial market segment. It has really taken off and become a member of our team. We haven't seen growth like this from a new product in more than 20-years in the business.``- Dealership: Honda Villiage
``It was the right decision for us since it offers an enhanced service to our customers and makes it even easier to do business with us. Our website is now a one stop shop for our customers. Otis also gives time back to our service associates, allowing them to focus on other important work.``- Raben Tires & Service
``We realized our office staff was spending a significant amount of time replying and conversing with internet leads with no intention of selecting our facility to do the work. Otis is tailored to the automotive industry and to our business - it offers scalability and flexibility to best serve our local market.``- Hollenshade's Auto Service